Getting Started

How to Become an Orthodontic Patient

To begin your treatment, please call us at 604-568-2779. We will gather information from you and schedule an initial exam appointment. At this appointment, we will provide a free evaluation to determine if you need braces and if this is the right time for treatment. You are under no obligation to continue with any treatment. Please download our patient information form and, if applicable, the insurance information form. Please bring completed forms with you to your screening appointment.

Usual Treatment Steps

  • Initial exam (no charge)
  • Initial diagnostic records (photographs and X-rays at no charge)
  • Treatment and financial consultation
  • Study models of your teeth
  • Placement of braces
  • Routine appointments for adjustment of braces
  • Removal of braces and placement of retainers
  • Post-treatment records
  • Retention appointments

Your typical appointments prior to getting braces

1) The Initial Exam Appointment

Patients are scheduled for initial exams Tuesday through Saturday at various times. Please call our scheduling coordinator at 604-568-2779 for available times and dates. The purpose of this appointment is to evaluate the patient’s orthodontic needs. This appointment takes approximately 60 minutes. At this appointment you will have an opportunity to view our facility, talk to the staff and orthodontist, and ask any questions that you may have.

Exam: During the exam, the staff member and the orthodontist will complete a detailed list of questionnaires and examinations to assess your orthodontic concerns. During this procedure, we not only focus on how the teeth look and fit, but also the oral health, the oral musculatures, the developmental patterns, the overall facial harmony and esthetics, and most importantly, your specific concerns and desired outcome.

Initial Diagnostic Records: Following the initial exam, the next step for the patient is the diagnostic records. At this stage, orthodontic records will be taken. These records include:, digital photographs of your face and teeth, and panoramic and cephalometric X-rays. The diagnostic records provide the information required to determine the patients problem, assure there is no pathology, and design a treatment plan.

Treatment and Financial Consultation: At this stage, a personalized treatment plan will be explained and your problem and treatment options discussed. We will explain clinical procedures and patient compliance issues such as oral hygiene, elastic wear, headgear wear, etc. Treatment may be initiated at this appointment providing that a payment plan has been initiated. You will have an opportunity to ask your orthodontist any question you have. All individuals under 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or the individual who has legal responsibility for the child.

After your visit, if braces are recommended, you will be given an estimated fee information sheet, that provides the approximate cost for your treatment and the breakdown of payment options available. The treatment consent form will also be given to you for your perusal at your convenience. Fees only include the cost of the orthodontic treatment and does not include the costs of other dental services. You may also make your next appointment for study models at this visit.

Before the impression records appointment the patient must visit his/her family dentist for a regular exam and cleaning. Cavities must be restored prior to initiation of orthodontic treatment. Patients must continue routine dental checkups and cleanings throughout orthodontic treatment.

These routine dental services are not included in the fee for orthodontics either before, during, or after your orthodontic treatment.

2) Study Model of Your Teeth

Study models of your teeth will be taken at this appointment. This appointment typically takes 30 minutes. Once this is completed, your record is stored as a digital 3D model that can be viewed on a computer at anytime and any place. The consent forms for treatment will also be reviewed and signed. In addition, the financial contract is reviewed and signed.

3) Placement of Braces

An exciting appointment indeed! This appointments typically take 30-60 minutes depending the appliances being placed. You may receive braces/orthodontic appliance on both the upper and lower jaws or just one jaw at a time. We prefer to use a technique where by all the braces are placed on your teeth at once using a special custom tray. This cuts down the time required for this procedure and thus makes your visit much more comfortable. You are now well on your way to Smile with confidence!

While in Orthodontic Care

Patients are typically seen in the clinic every 4-8 weeks while undergoing active orthodontic treatment. It is critical that patients do not miss appointments. Missed appointments can result in an unnecessary extension of treatment time or adverse consequences that result in increased treatment.

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